TRX & Social media

Social Media, heard of it? Probably. So why are we bringing this up, these days you see Fitness bloggers popping up on every corner of the internet.

What does TRX have to do with that? Well, if it weren’t for those Fitness bloggers, you and I wouldn’t have known of TRX. They promoted this through social and online media.

Fitness bloggers have a massive influence on fitness interested people. For example, I am a Fitness blogger with 1 million Instagram followers – do you think I have good influence? Yes, I do.

So big businesses pay me to write something interesting or positive about their product. Millions of people interested in Fitness get to see this, and will probably buy the product if they are interested in it. This is the power of social media marketing, and it’s one of the biggest reasons we buy the things we buy and do the things we do. There are even people who buy real Instagram followers to raise their number and attract sponsors. Insane!

It’s not just about Instagram even though most people think of that platform when I talk about social media influencers. There is Facebook, Twitter. Yes, did you know that people actually buy followers for Twitter so they can ask a higher rate for a sponsored post?

We can even go further, let’s look at Musical.Ly, it’s an app that is mainly used by kids age 9-16, but boy is it powerful. There are some people that buy musically followers, so they get featured easier and have a massive influence on their followers.

It’s just something I felt like sharing. I’ve done some research the past couple of years, and to me, it seems like most Fitness products, protein shakes, gear and so on, is promoted through social media by accounts that seem very authoritive, but it’s not always true.

Just because someone has 1 million followers on a social media platform, does not mean the product they’re promoting is a good one – or a trusted one.

That being said, TRX is awesome. So check out some more information about it while you’re on our blog anyway.

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