5 suspsension training tips

TRX suspension training is a kind of workout designed to improve your strength and endurance. It is distinct from other training and workout programs as it needs to utilize your own bodyweight for resistance. It is versatile in the sense that you can find several techniques that both beginners and advanced trainers can easily adapt.

Minimal equipment is also required. You can choose to purchase a TRX suspension training kit, so you can work out at home, or look for a fitness gym which teaches TRX. If you want to try TRX suspension training, then here are some tips that can help you maximize its effects:

  1. Test your TRX suspension trainer – Prior to starting your TRX workout, set it up properly. Make sure that it is capable of supporting your full bodyweight. Set it up and secure everything properly to reduce the risk of injuries.
  1. Use TRX for cross training – If you are into sports that need a lot of upper body and core strength, like baseball, football and surfing then take note that you need to improve your endurance. This is the main reason why you can find plenty of competitive and professional athletes who use TRX for cross training. It challenges your core and upper body while also boosting the endurance of your cardiovascular system. This can significantly improve your athletic performance.
  1. Start at the right body position – Begin your TRX workout at the correct body position. This is necessary in ensuring that the workout will turn out smoothly. If you start at a wrong position then this may result to awkward movements when using the suspension trainer. You can make the appropriate adjustments and correct positioning for all TRX exercises by locating the right end point, proper foot stance and body position for your chosen movement.
  1. Avoid sagging or slumping down – You may have a hard time maintaining the right body position for your chosen movement once you start feeling tired. The problem is that when you sag through your midsection, instead of keeping your core engaged, you will be at risk of getting injured. It can also compromise your lower back’s stability.

That said, you need to be observant of the way your body is aligned. For instance, when doing the plank, you need to keep your ankle, knees and hips aligned up to the ears. This will keep you safe. The right position can also maximize the effects of the workout.

  1. Know exactly when to stop or modify the workout – Observe your body’s reaction to the workout. If you feel like the TRX exercise is already too fast or too hard for you, then stop. However, you don’t have to stop all the time, as this will only end up wasting your time and effort.

If you find a specific move too hard for you, just do some simple adjustments or modifications – those that you can manage – so you can continue the session until the end. For instance, you can move away from the anchor or set your foot in a different position. Play around the angles of your body, so you can look for variations that you can easily manage in case the workout becomes too hard for you.

With these tips, you will definitely get the best results out of using your TRX suspension trainer.

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